Normac NR-5011D Parts "A" and  "B"

Product Description: A 100% solids Heated Plural Component High Performance Aliphatic Polyurea Spray System designed for applications requiring ultra violet resistance and colour retention for exterior coating requirements. Applications include metal, concrete, foam, wood and geotextiles where colour stability and ultra violet protection is important.

Material: Polyurea Hybrid

Mix Ratio:                                   Part "A"          Part "B"

By Weight:                                      100                    90

By Volume:                                    100                  100

Package Sizes:  Packaged/Sold by Weight

Kit                                                 Part "A"          Part "B"

38 kg. (A+B)                                 20.0 kg.         18.0 kg.

431.82 kg. (A+B)                        227.27 kg.       204.55 kg.

Viscosity @ 21oC(70oF)           Part AA@     PartAB@

                       800cps           450cps

Pot Life:                 5 to 8 seconds

Tack Free:                  less than 25 seconds

Hardness:                  45 + 5  Shore D

Impact Resistance:

Greater than 160 inch - pounds (ASTM D-2794)

Tear Strength:          400 pli Die AC@ (ASTM D-470)

Tensile Strength:  2500 psi (ASTM D-412)

Elongation:           400% (ASTM D-638)

Abrasion Resistance:  0.0082 grams weight loss per 1000 cycles, H22 wheel, at 1000 gms. (ASTM D1-044)

Operating Temperature:  -56oC (-70oF) to 93oC (200oF)

Fungus Resistance:                Non-nutrient

Elcometer Adhesion:

                    Steel:     >1000 psi (ASTM D-4541)

                  Concrete:     > 850 psi (ASTM D-4541)

Weatherability: no evidence of discolouration or failure after 2000 hours (Xenon Arc)

Vapor Transmission:   < 0.10 (ASTM E96-80)

Weight of Cured Coating: 29 gm./m2 @ 25 microns 0.60 lbs. per 100 ft.2 at .001" thick

Ultimate Cure:    5 days at 21oC (70oF)

Recoat Times:    Continuous: Maximum 12 hours

Mixed Solids Content: 100%

Flash Point:  None, Normac NR-5011D Part "A" and "B" are both non-flammable in shipping, storage and application. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Application:   Normac NR-5011D is applied through heated plural component 1:1 equipment.  The recommended spray gun is a Probler or Gusmer GX-7 with the appropriate mixing nozzle. This system uses air pressure to purge the mix chambers and tips.  No solvent is required during application.  Typical operating temperatures are between 60oC (140oF) to 71oC (160oF). Spraying pressure should be minimum 2500psi for best physicals.  Air requirements for the main pumps is 90 lbs. Electrical is 220v single phase and 110v.

Surface Preparations and Primers:  Standard surface preparation procedures such as grit blasting to near white metal or acid etching concrete is required for good mechanical bonding of the NR-5011D sprayable polyurea system. See "Normac Surface Preparation Guide for Urethane Coatings".


NR-9500:  A two component, single coat air curing solvent based primer.

EP100/EP200:  A two component, air curing epoxy based primer.

Refer to specific primer/adhesive data sheets.

Coverage: Normac NR-5011D

Theoretical coverage:

34 m2 @ 25 microns (166 ft2/lb. at .001").


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