Normac NR-45LVHS

Product Description: A 100% solids Heated Plural Component Sprayable Urethane System.

Material: Stripped TDI Polyether/PTMEG Polyol.
(Less than 0.1% free isocyanate).

Mix Ratio:        Part "A"    Part "B"
By Weight:              100       46.0       
By Volume:              100       50.0

Package Sizes:  Packaged/Sold by Weight

Kit Size:                   Part "A"    Part "B"
  54.00 kg. (A+B)       36.0 kg.      16.84 kg.
600.00 kg. (A+B)     409.0 kg.    188.14 kg.

Application Life: Less than one minute @ 65oC (150oF)

Tack Free:    5 - 10 min. @ 21oC (70oF)

Print Free:    10 - 20 min. @ 21oC (70oF)

Hardness:    45 +/- 5  Shore A

Bashore Resilience:    N.A.

Impact Resistance: Greater than 160 inch - pounds (ASTM D2794)

Tear Strength:    46 pli (ASTM D-470) Die AC@ 215

Tensile Strength: 700 psi (ASTM D412)

Elongation: 760% (ASTM D412)

Abrasion Resistance:  0.033 grams weight loss per 1000 cycles, H18 wheel, at 1000 gms. (ASTM D1-044)

Operating Temperature:  -56oC (-70oF) to 93oC (200oF)

Fungus Resistance:    Non-nutrient

Weight of Cured Coating: 29 gm./m2 @ 25 microns 0.60 lbs. per 100 ft.2 at .001" thick

Modulus 100%: 278 psi (ASTM D412)

Ultimate Cure:    5 days at 21oC (70oF)

Recoat Times:    Continuous: Maximum 2 hours

Mixed Solids Content: 100%

Flash Point:  None, Normac NR-45LVHS Part "A" and "B" are both non-flammable in shipping, storage and application.

Application:  Normac NR-45LVHS is applied thru heated plural component equipment such as the Normac SFLP-A Processing Machine. The SLFP-A Processing Machine has the ability to be dialed in on ratio based on mas not fixed volume, this means better physical properties.Typical operating temperatures are approximately 65oC (150oF).

Surface Preparations and Primers:  Standard surface preparation procedures such as grit blasting to near white metal or acid etching concrete is required for good mechanical bonding of the NR-45LVHS sprayable urethane system. See "Normac Surface Preparation Guide for Urethane Coatings".

NR-9500: A two component, single coat air curing solvent based primer.
NR-9600: A two component wash primer base for NR-9500.
900R:  A two component, air curing rubber based primer.
EP-100: A two component 100% solids primer for concrete.
Refer to specific primer/adhesive data sheets.

Theoretical Coverage:
34 m2 @ 25 microns/kg. DFT(166 ft2/lb. at .001" DFT).

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