Normac NR-95HT Parts "A" and  "B"

Product Description: A 100% solids Heated Plural Component Sprayable/Castable Urethane System designed for high temperature resistant applications.

Material: MDI Polyether and PTMEG polyol.

Mix Ratio:        Part "A"    Part "B"
By Weight:              100     45.8 colored
                     46.3 colored       
By Volume:           100       50

Package Sizes:  Packaged/Sold by Weight

Kit Size:        Part "A"    Part "B"
  30.00 kg. (A+B)       20.6 kg.        9.40 kg.
596.27 kg. (A+B)     409.0 kg.    187.27 kg.

Application Life:
Less than one minute @ 65oC (150oF)

Tack Free:    5 - 10 min. @ 21oC (70oF)

Print Free:    10 - 20 min. @ 21oC (70oF)

Hardness:    95 + 5  Shore A (55 + 5 Shore D)

Bashore Resilience:    N.A.

Impact Resistance:
Greater than 160 inch - pounds (ASTM D2794)

Tear Strength:    99 pli (ASTM D-470) Die C@ 280 pli

Tensile Strength: 2500 psi (ASTM D412)

Elongation: 175% (ASTM D412)

Abrasion Resistance:  0.082 grams weight loss per 1000 cycles, H18 wheel, at 1000 gms. (ASTM D1-044)

Operating Temperature:  -56oC (-70oF) to 177oC (350oF) +.

Fungus Resistance:    Non-nutrient
Permeability: 0.01%

Weight of Cured Coating: 29 gm./m2 @ 25 microns 0.60 lbs. per 100 ft.2 at .001" thick

Modulus 100%: 1844 psi (ASTM D412)

Ultimate Cure:    5 days at 21oC (70oF)

Recoat Times:    Continuous: Maximum 24 hours.

Mixed Solids Content: 100%

Flash Point:  None, Normac NR-95HT Part "A" and "B" are both non-flammable in shipping, storage and application.

Application:   Normac NR-95HT is applied thru heated plural component equipment such as the Normac SFLP-A Processing Machine. The SLFP-A Processing Machine has the ability to be dialed in on ratio based on mas not fixed volume, this means better physical properties.Typical operating temperatures are approximately 65oC (150oF). Normac NR-95HT can also be used as a castable product.

Surface Preparations and Primers:  Standard surface preparation procedures such as grit blasting to near white metal or acid etching concrete is required for good mechanical bonding of the NR-95HT Sprayable Urethane System. See "Normac Surface reparation Guide for Urethane Coatings".

NR-9500/NR-9501: A two component, single coat air curing solvent based primer.
NR-9600: A two component wash primer base for NR-9500.
EP-100: A two component 100% solids primer for concrete.
Refer to specific primer/adhesive data sheets.

Theoretical Coverage:
34 m2 @ 25 microns DFT (166 ft2/lb. at .001"DFT).


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