Normac NR-5S 400 Sprayable Urethane Parts  "A" & "B"

Product Description:  A 100% solids urethane coating designed for application by heated plural component airless spray equipment.  It can also be brushed, rolled or conventional spray.

Material: 100% solids - Aliphatic polyether urethane based coating.

Mix Ratio:                 Part "A"               Part "B"

Weight:                        100                         50      

Package Sizes:  Packaged/Sold by Weight

Kit                            Part "A"               Part "B"

  6 kg. kit (A+B)            4.0 kg.                 2.0 kg.

30 kg. kit (A+B)         20.0 kg.               10.0 kg.

Application Life: 30 - 45 minutes @ 21oC (70oF)

Tack Free:  1½ - 2 hours @ 21oC (70oF)

Print Free:  3 - 4 hours @ 21oC (70oF)

Hardness:  92 + 5  Shore A

Bashore Resilience:  40% (ASTM D2632)

Impact Resistance:

Greater than 160 inch - pounds (ASTM D2794)

Tear Strength: 363 lbs. Die C (ASTM D-624)

Tensile Strength: 3825 psi (ASTM D412) - Method A

Elongation:  302% (ASTM D412) - Method A

Abrasion Resistance:  0.017 grams weight loss per 1000 cycles, H18 wheel, at 1000 gms. (ASTM D1-044)

Operating Temp.:  -56oC (-70oF) to 93oC (200oF)

Fungus Resistance:  Non-nutrient

Weight of Cured Coating:  44 gm./m2 @ 25 microns  0.90 lbs. per 100 ft.2 at .001" thick

Modulus 100%:  1380 psi (ASTM D412)

Ultimate Cure:  5 days at 30 dry mils at 21oC (70oF)

Recoat Times:          Minimum: 1-1/2 - 2 hours

Maximum: 72 hours

Mixed Solids Content: 100% by weight


Flash Point: Greater than 100oC.  See MSDS

Application:  Normac NR-5S 400 can be sprayed, rolled, dipped or brushed.  For brushing - use a natural bristled paint brush.  Allow the Normac NR-5S 400 to become tack-free before applying second and successive coats.  Build rate per coat will vary depending on the substrate.  For  vertical surfaces 0.2mm to 0.3mm (.008" to .012") will be the maximum build.  For roller or power roller coating - use a short (10 mm) napped roller as this will reduce the amount of roller hairs left in the coating.  Build per coat can be as high as 0.4 to 0.5mm (.016" to .020").  Spray application is applied thru heated plural component equipment.  The spray gun is both impingement and static mix with an adaptor to fit Graco RAC IV spray tips to suit all types of applications.  This system uses air pressure to purge the mix chambers and tips.  No solvent is required during application.  Typical operating temperatures are approximately 65oC.(150oF).  Air requirements for the main pumps is 100 lbs.  For specific applications under CSA CAN 3-N287.2 MS2, Normac NR-5S 400 must be applied as follows:

Substrates of Epoxy:  Must be washed and dried with a soap/water solution such as Aerodet.  Oil and grease must be removed with a suitable degreaser.

The Normac NR-5S 400 is applied using plural component mixing equipment with either a power roller or spray gun attachment.  The application  consists of 4 coats as follows:

Coat 1 - .006" to .007" (125 microns to 200 microns)

Coat 2 - .010" to .012" (250 microns to 300 microns)

Coat 3 - .010" to .012" (250 microns to 300 microns)

Coat 4 - .010" to .012" (250 microns to 300 microns)

Drying time between coats = 1.5 hours.

Surface Preparation:  Standard surface preparation procedures such as grit blasting to near white/white metal, or acid etching concrete is required for good mechanical bonding of the Normac NR-5S 400 sprayable urethane system.  See "Normac Surface Preparation Guide for Urethane Coatings".


NR-9500: A two component, single coat air curing solvent based primer used over NR-9600.

NR-9600: A two component wash primer base for NR-9500.

900R:  A two component, air curing rubber based primer.

EP-100: A two component 199% solids primer for concrete.

Refer to specific primer/adhesive data sheets.

Coverage:  Normac NR-5S 400:

Each 1 kg. of mixed product will theoretically yield:

34 m2/ 25 microns




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