Product Description

A 1-part polymeric resinous based adhesive for the bonding of the Normac series of sprayable urethanes, castables and trowelable putty systems to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  This adhesive when applied to freshly blasted metal substrates exhibits excellent adhesion for parts to be coated with spray or cast urethanes.

Package Sizes

Packaged/Sold by Weight

1 kg. in a 1 x   1 litre/quart can.       
3 kg. in a 1 x   4 litre/gallon can            
15 kg. in a 1 x 18 litre/5 gallon pail.


Appearance Solids
Slightly viscous, green coloured liquid. 20%


Solvent Carrier
100 cps


Flash Point Shelf Life
4oC (23oF) >2 years (in unopened containers)


Store in a dry place 15-21oC (59-70oF), away from open flame, sparks and direct sunlight.  Store as a flammable liquid in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Safety, Handling and Toxicity

Flammable liquid. See Normac NR-8310 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific handling and safe working practices.



Normac NR-8310 must be thoroughly mixed before use. Brush, roller or spraying on degreased grit blasted metal (minimum anchor pattern 50 microns) to a minimum thickness of 12.5 microns to a maximum 25 microns. For solvent sprayable urethanes, allow 30 minutes to a maximum of 7 days for application.  For castable urethanes allow 1 hour minimum drying time to a maximum of 8 hours for casting operations.  Should you exceed the 8 hours, refresh the primed surface with Acetone or Ethyl Methyl Ketone.  Allow solvent to evaporate.  Perform the casting operation within 2 hours of refreshing.


Dilute with Acetone only at the rate of 3 parts mixed primer to 1 part solvent for spray applications.


6.8 m2 per kg. @ 25 microns (33.33 ft.2  per lb. at .001") theoretical yield.



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