NR-8401 is an improved version of Normac NR-8400

Product Description

A 1-part polymeric resinous based adhesive in Ethyl Acetate for bonding of the Normac U-Repair and BR-3TM series of elastomeric repair materials to properly prepared rubber. NR-8401 will provide excellent bonds within a few hours at ambient temperature to standard conveyor belt rubbers such as SBR.

Package Sizes

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Appearance Solids
Water-like, amber/clear. 25%            


Specific Gravity
35 cps


Flash Point Shelf Life
-5oC (23oF) >2 years (in unopened containers)


Store in a dry place 15-21oC (59-70oF), away from open flame, sparks and direct sunlight.  Store as a flammable liquid in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Safety, Handling and Toxicity

Flammable liquid. See Normac NR-8400 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific handling and safe working practices.


Download - NR-8401 Material Safety Data Sheet


Normac NR-8401 can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on properly prepared rubber surfaces. Prepare rubber by roughening with either a 24 to 36 grit aluminum oxide sanding disc on a slow speed sander or by stiff wire brush or carbide sanding tool attached to an electric drill. Clean the repair area thoroughly and degrease with a suitable, non-oil based solvent such as MEK, Trichloroethylene or Ethyl Acetate.


Not required.


8.5 m2 per kg. @ 25 microns (41.5ft.2 per lb. at .001") theoretical yield.



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