These polyurethane protective coatings, providing corrosion control and abrasion resistance, were developed to be as user friendly as possible. They can be diluted down to enable polyurethane spraying through small electric airless cup guns or gravity fed air guns or left undiluted for fast high build applications with large airless spray pumps. All of the Normac sprayable urethane systems below are non-flammable in shipping, storage and application.


Two component, TDI ether based protective polyurethane coatings with a Shore Hardness of 50A designed to provide a higher co-efficient of friction, high elongation, and high resilience.
Typical applications include conveyor belt coating and foam coatings.

Two component, aliphatic ether based polyurethane coating systems with a Shore Hardness of 80A designed to provide high abrasion resistance. This product has 29 years of proven application history in all types of industry especially mining.

Two component, aliphatic ether based coating systems with a Shore Hardness of 90A designed for applications requiring load release and good abrasion resistance. Typical applications include salt and sand spreaders, street sweeper bodies, spool pieces, etc.

Vibratory Feeder bowl coated with NR-7S

Two component, aliphatic ether based coating systems with a Shore Hardness of 98A or 60 on the "D" scale. It is designed specifically for load release of sticky materials. Typical applications are vacuum truck bodies, snow plow blades, boats, tankers etc.

NR-T10 Additive
A single component additive available for all of our solvent based sprayable urethane systems that acts as a thixotropic agent enabling much higher build per coat and more economical application costs

Other Solvent Based Sprayable Urethane coating systems are available. Contact our office for more information.

Industry Applications

To view some additional application examples of our Solvent Based Sprayable Polyurethane systems, click here.





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