Product Description

Normac NR-AS14 is a liquid anti-static agent that is added to the mixed portions (A+B) of Normac Solvent Based Sprayable Urethanes to lower it’s electrical resistivity resulting in an “antistatic” cured film.   The addition of  3 parts NR-AS14 per hundred to 100 parts of Normac Sprayable Part “A” resulted in a cured film with a surface resistivity of 8 x 109 ohms compared to 7 x 1010 ohms for our standard cured films.

Package Sizes

Packaged/Sold by Weight

30 ml bottle containing 30 gms NR-AS14
125 ml bottle containing 120 gms NR-AS14
500 ml bottle containing 475 gms NR-AS14
1000 ml bottle containing 950 gms NR-AS14


NR-AS14 is added to the mixed portions of Parts “A” and “B” as a Part “C”.  NR-AS14 is added at the rate of 3 parts per hundred of Part “A” or resin.

Example: For every 100 gms of NormacNR-2S, NR-3SM, BR-3S, NR-5S or NR-7S Part “A” add 3 grams of Normac NR-AS14.
    OR    NR-5S Part “A”    = 1000 gms
             NR-5S Part “B”    =   150 gms
             NR-AS14    =    30 gms

NR-AS14 has no effect on pot life or its spraying characteristics.


Storage Shelf Life
Store in a cool, dry area, away from open flame, sparks and direct sunlight. >2 years in unopened containers.


Safety and Handling Shipping Classification
See Normac NR-AS14 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific handling and safe working practices. Normac NR-AS14 is considered a corrosive/poison and must be shipped as dangerous goods.

See Normac NR-AS14 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific information.



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