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NR-T10 is a thixotropic agent that when added to our solvent based sprayable urethanes, allows the applicator to apply wet film coating thicknesses of up to .040" (1 mm) thick without sagging or runs.  Normac NR-T10 can greatly reduce coating times especially on high build requirements saving you money on application times.

Package Sizes

Packaged/Sold by Weight

NR-T10 is proportionally packaged in separate containers as a Part C additive for our solvent based sprayable urethane kits, NR-2S, BR-3S, NR-5S and NR-7S.


NR-T10 is added immediately after mixing Parts A and B.  Mix with a Jiffy type mixer until a uniform mix is obtained. A normal thickening of mixed components will occur while mixing. Once mixed, begin the spray application.

NR-T10 increases productivity because it allows for higher build per coat without runs and sags. NR-T10 can create an "orange peel" effect of the finished coating. You can vary the amount of NR-T10 added to suit the type of finish desired.

For large 30:1 spray pumps dilution is not necessary; however, smaller cup or gravity feed spray equipment may require dilution for good atomization.  Even with the addition of solvent you will still acquire higher builds per coat.


Store in a cool, dry area, away from open flame, sparks and direct sunlight.


Safety and Handling
See Normac NR-T10 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific handling and safe working practices.

See Normac NR-T10 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for specific information.



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