Normac Adhesive Products is a manufacturer of polyurethanes and polyurethane products for protective coatings, coating systems, polyurethane pipe coatings and industrial protective coatings, as well as urethane coating for corrosion control, abrasion resistant material, containment, and anti wear linings.

Normac also manufactures industrial adhesives, polyurethane bonding adhesives, polyurethane primer, urethane adhesives, bonding agents and epoxy primer for polyurethanes, rubber adhesive and bonding, castable urethanes and protective rubber 



We supply many custom polyurethane spray, cast, pour in place and urethane systems along with primers, adhesives, cements, in solvent based or 100% solids for your specialized polyurethane or rubber requirements.

Our beginnings date back to 1970 when we introduced our first polyurethane protective coatings, the solvent based sprayable urethane BR-3S. Since then our product line has developed into the diverse family of polyurethane coatings, urethanes and industrial adhesives available today.

Our application history began with mining and has grown to include automation material handling, nuclear and fossil power stations, all types of manufacturing industries, transportation, water and waste treatment facilities, marine and food handling.

Our adhesive division produces the Normac 900 Series and 600R cold bonding systems for rubber to rubber, steel, aluminium, fabric, PVC and urethane. Our 900 Series adhesives features multiple formulations and colours to satisfy whatever requirements are needed in your manufacturing or repair environment.

With distribution and applicators in the Far East, Europe, as well as North and South America, Normac is situated to provide dependable polyurethane products and services for all your material handling requirements.

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