U-Repair Urethane Repair System

A two component, room temperature repair compound packaged in convenient  200ml x 200ml as well as 750ml x 750ml dual cartridges. Normac U-Repair is dispensed through an easy to use plural dispensing gun. Cured Shore hardness is 60A. Normac manufactures three specific types of U-Repair.

60NS - Non Sag type for overhead and on walls etc.

60SL - Standard Self-Leveling for use on horizontal surfaces.

60SLF - Self-Leveling fast curing for use where time is of the essence.

Complimenting Normac U-Repair is our Trowelable Polyurethane, BR-3TM.

U-Repair Flyer.PNG

U-Repair Flyer

U-Repair Flyer

U-Repair Quick Start Guide.PNG

Quick Start Guide

U-Repair App Guide.PNG

Application Guide


BR-3TM Trowelable

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