U-Spray 100% Solids Sprayable Coating System

Normac's revolutionary application process for all of our 100% Solids Sprayable Polyurethane Coating Systems. This application method consists of a hand held, air supplied pneumatic dual cartridge dispenser complete with a patented spray nozzle and air manifold. The dispenser is surprisingly light weight and easy to use. All you require is an air source.

  • 100% Solids - No VOC’s.

  • Minimal components and simple application.

  • Excellent for small project coating applications.

  • The perfect solution for field coating repair jobs.

  • Almost no cleanup. Spent cartridges are not hazardous waste.

Alternatively, for larger jobs, Normac also has the innovative and cost effective SFLP-A Processing Machine.

U-Spray Application Guide.PNG
U-Spray NR-80LVHS.Refill Kit for Rubber.
U-Spray NR-80LVHS.Refill Kit for Metal

U-Spray Cartridge System Flyer

U-Spray Application Guide

SFLP-A Processing Machine

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